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I want to talk about something that has nothing to do with my normal blog at all. So for those who follow me you know I run an anime blog. (ikr? Like the thousands of other anime blogs)

What I want to talk about is Frankwolf. Now for those who don’t know who he is/was he was a model/cosplayer who lived in Canada. He took his life on November 25, 2013. They claimed that he was bullied. (Which I believe because in one picture you can actually see his scars from where he self-harmed)

Now there are a bunch of stuff going around saying he faked his death or that he’s just sick and will be back and ALSO the famous “he was hacked” argument. 

I don’t know about you guys, but if I WASN’T dead and all of this stuff was going around I would have said something by now.

This is a FAKE PROFILE. I’ve even address the ‘person’ of this profile a few days back acknowledging that I knew the account was fake. The IP address didn’t even come from Canada. Notice how you can’t find this profile on facebook anymore. Hm?

Then there is this. His own sister confirming his death. It’s sad that after his own family member confirming his death people still do not believe it. Unless his sister is an evil person (I doubt it) and wants to fool us, then it’s true.

Oh look even his photographer has confirmed that he has passed away. This is the photographer that took the picture of him in that dress.

Hey look at this guys. The site he was modeling for even wrote that they were notified of his passing. Hm? His last active post here was Nov 10.

And his obituary.

Guys I know it might seem like I’m being sarcastic and hurtful, but I’m not. Frank is gone and you have to get that through your heads. I know I want him back too. I didn’t want to believe it as well, but unless April Fools day in Canada last for a few weeks at the end of the year, then we just have to accept it. He was an inspiration to many people. It just hurts to see people over and over not being able to accept the fact that he’s gone. Let him rest. You’re only tormenting yourself by living in denial. I wasn’t going to make this post in general, but since no one is posting all the proof in one setting nobody knows what to believe.

His last tumblr post was on Nov 24

His last Facebook post was on the 23rd

There is a girl who posted their last conversation together on kik which was on the 24th. (Sorry I can’t find the picture anymore. It’s somewhere in the facebook comments)

As for why you can’t post on his wall anymore I don’t know. 

May he Rest In Peace.

I’m sure all of us will miss him. So many young inspiring people are taking their lives these days because no one was there for them when they truly needed somebody. Please if you ever need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to listen; I may be a stranger, but I’m here for you. Please don’t harm yourself like I used too. There are other ways. Please know you are not alone. Any of you are welcomed to message me. <3

Okay guys I made this post awhile back and I’m reblogging it because I’m adding new information.

For some reason Tumblr wont let me write underneath the pictures, but anyways this is for all of those people who are in denial/don’t want to let go. Frank is gone guys. You wanted proof so I went and dug it up. So yeah no his death wasn’t “fake”. Some of you are so blind and it’s saddening. 

On December 30th at 15:30, Francis’ ashes were laid at their final resting place with the necklace he was wearing at the time of his death, a wicca inspired protective string he had in his bedroom entrance, an amber rock he liked for protection and of course one of his small pikachu figurines along with a lot of love from all continents of this small planet. Information on his location are: Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery in Montreal. Esther-Blondin Mausoleum, 1st floor, section C-71.”

Now it’s over and done with. The truth has been spoken. Goodnight.

(If you want more pictures I have them, but this should be enough)


*basketball intensifies*

Sorry about not being as active anymore. I’ve pretty much been hanging out on my NSFW blog. (Since people actually talk to me).

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Hello! Since we have a really long summer vacation this year and I want to make it productive, I’m opening up commissions so I can earn a bit (And I don’t want to keep on asking the parentals for money).

Above are my listed prices, and they only apply to colored pieces, so if you only want a plain sketch or a simple lineart, just message me! 

Speaking of, these prices are the base prices. If your order is more complicated, the price may go up, but it’s negotiable!

BGs are only white, simple color/gradient, or transparent. I’m sorry I’m just bad at backgrounds _(:3 j L)_

For the sketches and linearts: Every extra character is 80% off the price of the original so for example if you want three lineart bust shots, it’s 10 usd + 8 usd + 8 usd = 26 usd.

Also, I have limitations on what I can/will draw. I am cool with the following:

  • BL/GL
  • Slight fanservice
  • Nudity with no visible genitals
  • Any character from any fandom **
  • OCs **
  • Some animals

**Please give me references for these!

What I can’t draw:

  • Mecha
  • Explicit porn
  • Complicated animals (It depends really….)
  • Transportation

Visit my art tag to look at my other works, too! I can also be flexible with styles (tho not much but I will try!)


-Payment is through PayPal only. 

-You can pay half first, I work,  then the other half after I finish your commission, OR pay everything afterwardsbeforehand (i have made a mistake.).

-Working time may vary from a few days to 2 weeks, depending on difficulty. If I’ve been working on it for too long, you can either get half off or a complete refund.

-Message me here on Tumblr or send an email to yuuyuu_tsuki(@)

-Canvas size is up to you!

If you can’t/won’t commission me, reblogging or spreading this will be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!!

Status: 4 slots open!

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